1. Rules

TipIt is all about bringing people together through shared interests and locations. Our aim is to create a friendly, warm community where people have the space to grow and share ideas safely and confidently.

2. What to do

Have fun. Share ideas. Be nice to each other.

At TipIt, we want to create a community where people can share ideas and information. It’s a fun space where you can come together with new friends, motivate and inspire each other.

We expect all our users to be nice to each other and treat people with respect- so with this in mind, here’s our list of what isn’t acceptable:

3. What not to do

Never bully, threaten or act abusively towards others.

The internet can be a strange place, where strong opinions and opposing ideas can sometimes be voiced in a way that would not be deemed acceptable in real life. Our stance on bullying is a firm one- anyone who behaves in an abusive way towards other users, or who shares offensive or hateful content, may have their account suspended. We will not tolerate hate speech or any content which deliberately attacks any individual, group, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability or identity. Any content which is deemed offensive will be removed, and any perpetrators of violent speech will be expelled from the community.

Never post porn

There is no place for pornography on TipIt. Do not share pornography imagery, language or links here at any time.

Don’t ever share people’s private information without permission

Never assume it is ok to share anyone’s address, photographs or any other kind of private info without their prior consent.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

A great rule to live by is to be proud of who you are- you’re a great person, why pretend to be someone else? We don’t tolerate catfish on TipIt so anyone masquerading as another person, famous or otherwise, runs the risk of having their account terminated. If you run a fan page, make it clear that there is no connection between you and the celebrity it’s about. TipIt also reserves the right to reclaim any usernames that are already owned by businesses or individuals- we like to keep things clear and transparent, so we expect you to do the same.

Don’t disappear!

Any account that’s inactive for more than six months may be removed, and if you’re going to sign up for a great user name that will be the envy of others, make sure you use it!


We will do all we can to keep TipIt a safe and secure place to be, but this is not something which can be guaranteed. In order to keep yourself and your community safe, we expect the following from you:

  • Do not post unauthorized content such as spam posts on TipIt
  • Do not collect data from other users (using scrapers, bots, spiders etc.) without obtaining prior written permission from TipIt
  • Do not engage in marketing schemes (i.e. pyramid schemes) on TipIt
  • Do not upload malware, viruses or any form of malicious code
  • Do not bully or intimidate other users
  • Do not post any content which contains hate speech or is intimidating, threatening or offensive (nudity, pornography, graphic violence, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic or intended to discriminate against any group or individual)
  • Do not set up and groups or zones that relate in any way to offensive, bullying or harassing materials or are created to discriminate against any group or individual.
  • Do not use TipIt to engage in any unlawful activity or anything which has been created to mislead or intimidate others
  • Do not set up any groups or share any content relating to dating, alcohol or any other mature content without setting clear age restrictions first
  • Do not violate, or encourage the violation of, any of our policies or terms

Anyone who fails to comply with these rules may be permanently excluded from using the service

4. Registration & Security

We request that all TipIt users provide their real names and details in order to develop a safe and transparent community. We expect all users to help maintain this, by adhering to the following rules:

  • Do not provide any false personal information, create fake accounts, or share any other person’s details without obtaining their prior permission.
  • Do not create more than one personal account
  • Do not use TipIt if you are below the age of 13
  • Do not use TipIt if you are a convicted sex offender
  • Keep your personal information, such as telephone number and email address, up to date at all times
  • Do not share your password with anyone else
  • Do not transfer your account to another user without obtaining prior permission from TipIt
  • Do not select a user name which could be deemed offensive to others. If we discover user names which contain graphic or offensive content, we retain the right to remove it.